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We provide online classes to the students all over the world by using different techniques.

Communicate effectively and confidently in the worlds business language


This level deals with students who are weak at grammar and have problems in sentence structuring. We help the students to be able to form sentences and remove hesitation to speak good English.

For basic students, Learning English has become a challenging task. In order to speak English fluently, there are many challenges before them like listening, reading, understanding, etc.

Under this course, our institute aims at upgrading the level of the students and provide them an opportunity to design their course at their own.

Key highlights of IELTS training course

Listening skills

Reading skills

Writing skills

Accurate Grammar

Rectifying pronunciation

Sentence Construction

Greetings and Self Introduction

Small role plays

News Paper Reading

Daily conversation vocabulary

Professional Manners and Etiquettes

Oral drills

Day-to-day conversation

Functional Language. (how to greet, giving compliments, etc)

Telephonic skills

Presentation skills

Audio Video sessions

Why The Professional English?

  • A wide range of professionally trained trainers on a worldwide basis.
  • World wide availability of Class through Online mode. We provide classes in other countries also like UAE countries, USA, Canada, Singapore, Bangladesh etc. In India, we cover all of the 29 states.
  • One to one classes and group classes are available as per the requirements.
  • Easy and fast techniques to learn and practice.
  • Availability of classes- 24X7

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